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Project Description
A C# Image processing Library , that work on Hyperspectral and/or multispectral Images.
The library takes full advantage of your multi-core processors to get best performance needed.
It can Load ENVI images into your C# applications, ( full image, part of it or even a single band

SharpHyperLib a C# library for Hyperspectral / Multispectral solutions

What is a Hyperspectral Image?

Unlike usual RGB images, hyperspectral images can express visible light as well as from the ultraviolet to infrared. Hyperspectral capabilities enable researchers to recognize different types of coral, prey, or predators, all of which may appear as the same color to the human eye.
Hyperspectral sensors look at objects using a vast portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Certain objects leave unique 'fingerprints' across the electromagnetic spectrum. These 'fingerprints' are known as spectral signatures and enable identification of the materials that make up a scanned object.

Hyperspectral image data representation

Hyperspectral image data are usually representing in ENVI format (Environment for Visualizing Images software). Several researchers find it difficult to deal with ENVI as they need to make their own algorithms implementations ( in C# for example).

SharpHyperLib is the solution

SharpHyperLib provides researchers and developers with an easy way to load these special types of images into their own applications and perform whatever function they wanted to, just by using our provided set of DLLs.

what’s next?

We have many intensions in this track; we’ll continue providing you with all our algorithms applied to this type of images. And suggestions are welcomed.
Currently we have several MATLAB implementations we’ll be converting to our library very soon so keep tuned.

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